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How would political forums be different if the Patriot Acts didn't exist...?

how would people's posts, comments, questions, replies be different if they knew they were totally annynimous and confidential (as in: if the Government wasn't spying on us)

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    People would probably be more open with their opinions. Also, innocent people wouldn't get arrested and called a terrorist for just blowing off steam. The constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This makes the Patriot Acts completely unconstitutional. Bush arrests people just because he doesn't like them and then has the nerve to call them terrorists. It's sickening that innocent people are being hurt by this ridiculous law. The government should not be spying on its citizens, it’s just wrong. Then again the government is just a bunch of corrupt, arrogant fools. They don’t care how many innocent people the hurt and how many families they destroy. Something needs to be done to stop the government’s crimes against its citizens. Life would be so much better if we didn’t have to worry about the government spying on us. Let’s put an end to this pointless law and bring back freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

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    I mostly post the same. First of all, the Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Second of all, people shouldn't be intimidated by the Patriot Act. Having people feel intimidated is probably one of the main reasons behind the Patriot Act because free speech begins to deaden.

    It looks like to me that any dissent is going to eventually be squashed. Notice that the War on Terrorism is shifting from international to domestic. It also makes sense, because the news has been broadcasting and spotlighting a lot of shootings etc. in America lately. Why is this? To influence the populace and get support if they start issuing crack downs.

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    Most annoying this the Patriot act has done to me is requiring a second id to open a checking account.

    Answer me this, what if another 9/11 happens? You would be jumping up and down saying that we didn't do enough. Yet, you would repeal the patriot act?

    While I feel the government has overstepped its bounds at times lately. The NSA and other govt groups have been doing this for years under Presidents from both parties.

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    I saywhats on my mind now. The patriot act hasn't affected me at all.

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    This country would be a better place.

    land of the free, not land of the spied upon.

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