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What artists have only made one song you like?

Gucci Mane hit the jackpot with Go Head. I think it is cause of the beat though.

Star Trek by Fabo was hard too. The base is serious!!!

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    Jim Jones - Ballin.

    I cant stand that dirty angel.

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    Juvenile-Slow Motion

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    sinead o'conner - nothing compares to you

    master p - make em say uugghhhh

    mercedes - i can tell

    ashanti - don't let them

    drag on - down bottom remix

    freeway - what we do

    g dep - everyday

    lil zane - none tonight

    limp bizkit - my way

    mc eight - streight up menace

    petey pablo - I

    ying yang twins - shake

    ray j - formal invite

    nick cannon - gigolo

    yall can talk about my list if u wanna....we all got some (bad music) skeletons in our closet, I just admit mine on this list (yeah, so what if I liked something nick cannon made, ROFL@myself for admitting it!!!!!!!! )

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    Evil, what about gangstas paradise???

    Lots of one hit wonders though...

    Fabolous - Holla Back

    Three 6 Mafia - Its Hard Out Here for a Pimp

    Nelly - #1

    Plenty more, these are just a few..

    Funny how its just the pop artists that do this

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    Leather so soft - Lil Wayne

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    well im not sure, cause this is pretty much the only song i checked out from him. i tried to pick an underground artist.

    last emperor - secret wars, pt. 1

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    Yung Berg-Where Do We Go

    just cuz twista'z verse iz real hard

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  • Too many to name, in many different genres. ♥

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    hmmm..well..coolio had "fantasic voyage", Wayne had "Tha Mobb", Lupe has "the instrumental" (okay, I kinda like "I gotcha"), Jeezy had "air force ones" um..that' allI can think of, but I can think of plenty where there's like 3-4 songs

    Source(s): Gangsta's paradise was okay..but I liked Fantastic voyage better.
  • M.I.A. I love the song paperplanes, but i dont like the rest of her songs.

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