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Clothing opinions?

In a couple weeks my family is having a party in a couple weeks for the holidays and I wanna look good so I need opinions. Dress or skirt first off? And what legnth should it be (like knee or a little above) I hate to the floor things and I don't do the slutty little things where my *** hangs out. Also, heels or flats? If heels what height should they be (keep in mind im a little over 5'7 and I'm already the tallest person in my fam (besides a few of the guys) lol so advice please? And what colors are good for holidays? I have a cute little black clutch and black jewlery, so I want something a little brighter. Ideas???


If you say a skirt, what shirt? Keep in mind I like shirts at least to my hips. Maybe a cami under a swing jacket or a plain shirt with a wide belt, or an empire waste shirt dress thingy? Random questions tonight... but I want opinions

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    Which is more comfortable, the dress or the skirt? Definitely to the knee, and flats. If the skirt is black, wear a white shirt with a red belt, and wear your black jewelry. You could also wear a red scarf or some other decoration in your hair that speaks of Christmas. This is the right holiday? You might want to skip the black jewelry and wear silver, but see which looks better to you.

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    1. You should wear a skirt

    2. You should get a skirt to aboce knee..

    3. You should wear flats. I luv them... lol...=D

    4. If you're dressing up for christmas.... wear red and white.

    5. Just get something silver from Claire's. They have the best jewlery int he world!!!! All though I think you outfit will be cute... Awesome 2... =D

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    to the knee


    No idea what color dress.

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