How does ebay work? How does a seller recieve money from the buyer? Are credit cards involed?

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    You can chose to sign up for paypal and offer the buyer different payment options ie:transfer from account or credit card/debit transactions- You can then transfer funds from paypal to your own bank account... or you may allow people to mail you money orders and checks directly.

    I personally only purchase from people with paypal because it's faster and easier...

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    The best way to pay is through Pay Pal. Most sellers accept it.

    Some accept money orders, some personal checks. You have to read the description to find out.

    You can use credit cards VIA paypal if it's listed in the description.

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    I am a seller on ebay and have been since 1999.

    Except payments by paypal(for creditcard use) make sure they are verified to cover your butt, I have been robbed this way .

    The other great methods are getting a PO box and having them send you a cashiers check or a postal monryorder. Dont except any other moneyorder as they can be stollen. I have seen money orders from Walmart be stollen and they have no face value.

    Dont except personal checks or cash.

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    If you want credit card to be involved you can use that option as well.

    they are flexible, if the seller wants to get the money on cash on delivery, or pay first before you get it the delivery. They have all the possible ways of getting paid.

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    You can set up a pay pal account and pay through that with your credit or debit card

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    you bid on whatever you want, and if you win you usually pay through pay pal or with a credit card.. I usually use pay pal !

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    the money from your card go onto their pay pal. eba is perfectly safe!

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    Here you go.Everything you want to know about it.

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