How do you get dried blood out of a red t-shirt?

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    If the blood is still dried into the shirt, I would use hydrogen peroxide on it and let it sit on the shirt for a few minutes and then rinse in cool water. The hydrogen peroxide soaks into the shirt and starts to bubble up and the dried blood will bubble up out of the shirt. I used to work as a nurse and that is how I would get blood stains out of my work clothes. The peroxide works better when the clothes are dry though.

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    Blood Red Shirt

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    When I wash any load of clothing now I use a spray bottle filled with Dawn dish soap and water and spray directly on any stain Blood should come out after you soak it with dawn then put in washer and soak in cld water then wash before you puy it in dryerchec to see if you need to repeat this, but do not dry until stain is all gone.

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    Dried blood ....soak in Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Fresh blood... Cold water and hydrogen peroxide if you have it.

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    1 decade ago

    Best bet is to soak in COLD water.

    Don't use any type of stain remover; sometimes they will act to "set" the stain.

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