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I believe that we, Christians, should not look forward to Christmas as just the day that we receive presents and have a good time with our families or friends. We should look forward to Christmas because Jesus comes to earth to rescue us and we should long and celebrate that Jesus will be forever with us and seeks God until the second coming. We should also bar in mind that God gives us the most immeasurable gift that people can’t give. Think about our Lord has never sent Jesus to earth. Then, our lives would be dreadful and hopeless.

I truly agree with the author because in today’s society, Christians too have just fun time with God while they don’t seek God first. Christians should long for Jesus and celebrate Christmas for that purpose because it is the birthday of the Son of God.”

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    To me, Christmas is not just a holiday. It is not just a day that we receive and give out presents, have a good time with our friends, and get time off of school. Rather, it is a day that Christians have set aside to celebrate and remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time to remember God's gift of forgiveness. The gifts that we give to each other are just a small reminder to each other of the greatness of God's gift to us; an immeasurable, priceless, selfless gift that lasts forever, and can only come from God. For, if this gift had not been given, our lives would be purposeless, empty, and hopeless. I wholeheartedly agree with the author, because today's society Christians forget what the true meaning of Christmas really is. Instead of realizing the amazing gift that was given to us, we choose to have a fun old time, and ignore God's gift to us, the birth of his Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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