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if you meet someone on a website like myspace, or face book?

if you meet someone you don't know on a website like myspace, or facebook, and on that website you faked your age, and hometown (purely for your own safety), and you start to know this person, but you still haven't met the person, but as time passes, you feel guilty for lying to him/her, should you tell your true age and hometown, or keep that info to ur self?

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    Well yeah just say it was for safety, but you trust them enough to say your real age/area.


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    Yes, even if it's embarassing, no real relationship/friendship can be built on a foundation of lies, just explain your situation, and if they ever liked you to begin with chances are it won't matter much [unless you're illegal in which case a friendship is still possible but nothing more]

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    For me "honesty is the best policy". You have to know him/her 1st and if you think he's worth to know. Then you have to tell the truth.

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