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I have a regular 28 day cycle and am one week late with a negative HPT result could I be pregnant?

The date of my last menstrual period was November 7th, and I should have started on December 5th. The only symptoms I have are fatigue and slightly sore nipples, my breasts seem to be getting a bit larger and I am having mild heartburn. Today, the 12th, I took a home pregnancy test at around 10:30 p.m., displayed a negative result. I am wondering what the chances of a false negative would be in this case and/or some reason why I have not started.

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    oh wow the chance of you having a false positive are way totally sound pregnant to are going through exactly what i did when i was pregnant with both my babies....i was 2 weeks late when my tests finally came up positive...i was like 7 i bet you are, just wait another couple days to a week ans see...dont be discouraged hun ok??? i wish you the best of luck!!!

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    i also have a 28 cycle i was 2 weeks late a bunch a negative test and today my period came i almost went on a 40 day cycle. take another test in seven days. i thought i was prego and i could swear i had all the pregnancy symptoms but sometimes when you think that you are prego and you are not your mind can fool your body into having those symptoms

  • I hear it's best to take a HPT your first pee of the day... try that next time

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