What are some good minors for a future journalist?

I have already decided on majoring in history, and am thinking about minoring in international relations. Any suggestions? I also am writing for the school newspaper.


I've talked to real journalists and they say a journalism degree is overated newspapers like well rounded people.

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    Political Science, Sociology, Psychology , History and Geography. All of these are pertinent and can be applied in today's news.

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    Like some one else already mentioned, major in journalism if you want to be a journalist. That's the degree employers will be looking for. Why don't you double minor? History-International Relations, or History- Foreign Language, or better yet International Relations - Foreign Language. Just to give you a heads up most history majors have 16 page papers due at least once a week. If you love that go for it, but I just thought I'd warn you. If you major in Journalism and then minor in any foreign language it will look great on your resume and you'll qualified for jobs both at home and international, whereas without the foreign language minor your not qualified to leave the states with most newspaper companies.

  • Joe B.
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    If you want to be a journalist why don't you major in journalism? It will be tough to find a journalism job without a degree in that subject. Some newspapers will only hire staff that have degrees in journalism.

    I majored in journalism with a minor in communications studies (basically, TV & radio)...but I wound up writing sports for most of the past 30 years.

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    Writing or communications arts. I've read so many news articles and wonder where these so called journalists learned to write! Most great journalists were also great writers and knew how to put a story together and yes, they also wrote for magazines and even wrote books (ever hear of William L Shirer?).

    Expand your horizons and dare to be great!

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  • 1 decade ago

    English, Poly Sci, Business

  • eri
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    Science! We need more good science journalists. Frankly, most of them have no idea what they are talking about, make embaressing mistakes, and don't bother looking at things in context.

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