Is there a quick way to get your voice back?

I have a practice Saturday-2 actually-; and Sunday I have to do our Christmas program at the Church....and then on Monday I have to do 2(kind of long..)pieces for my school. well, in my Church program; I have to, Sing like 6 songs, halfly lead 2 of them, do a skit(the psychiatrist one with all of the phobias)Lucy from Charlie Brown. I have to have a bunch of pronunciation for all these. and since I have to do this all Saturday for a dress rehearsal-at the Church and at school-; my voice will be worn out. then I have to do the actual play for my Church Sunday night, then on Monday I have to do my Showcase for my school. and to top it off, I'[m having really bad allergies, and my voice is a little next to almost gone...any ideas??? Thank you so much! I know it doesn't sound like much..but trust me; if you really knew the position I was in, you'd know that it is kind of hard....thanks again you guys!

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    I am a singer as well...i know all about loosing your voice this time of season before performing.

    First, stay warm. Keep your neck warm with a scarf if you have to.

    DO NOT TALK! I know this is hard, but do not utter any words you do not have to, especially the days of performance. This will keep your voice in good shape. Also, I know that when I have a cold, my voice gets raspy, but I am able to flip into a head voice and still be able to sing. I am a soprano so it is easy for me to do, but may not be as easy for you.

    These are my best bets...good luck and enjoy your performances.

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    I would say drink warm drinks and don't use your voice in-between all of those events. Try throat sprays as well as cough drops.

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    dont talk!

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