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Ovarian Cysts vs. Pregnancy Symptoms ... help determine which one.?

So, the first day of my last cycle was November 21st, which lasted 6 days. My fiance and I had unprotected intercourse on Novemeber 30th and December 3rd , on which both occasions he did not pull out upon ejaculation. About 1 week ago, I began having sharp pains on both sides of my abdomin which has over time spread to my upper and lower abdominal areas. The pains in my lower abdominal area feels like cramping from menstruation but not so severe. I have become extremely bloated, semi-constipated and have expereienced slight nausea and fatigue.

I am not sure if these symptoms are that of pregnancy or ovarian cysts. Through my research on the internet, i have found that both cases [cysts and pregnancy] have almost identical symptoms.

I was taking Yasmin for about 2 weeks [about 1 month ago] but decided not to because i decided i wanted to conceive. I dont know when my next cycle is to come because of my severe irregularity. I just wanted to know if you have any advice.


i have also had a little spotting...maybe about 2 days ago!

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    go to a gynecologist and get a checkup ASAP. They can do blood work to check for pregnancy and ovarian ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts....

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    Last year I had cysts on BOTH my ovaries. Let me tell ou-not fun and VERY painful. The only symptoms I had with the cysts was sharp, burning pain in a very isolated spot on each of my sides. I was told if I were to start vomiting for no reason that one of the cysts could have burst. But it would be preceded by nearly unbearable pain. I guess I did have a little nausea with it as when I found out about them at the ER they automatically thought I had appendicitis. In any case, if you do have cysts and WANT to conceive, I've been told it is fairly dangerous. My dads fiancee had them and had 3 miscarriages because of them. I had to put off trying to have a baby for an entire year while they put me on birth control to suppress my ovaries. About two months after I was cured of them, I became pregnant. So good luck to you. There is always hope!!

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    Normally symptoms for pregnancy don't show up that quickly you should get checked by the doctor in case it's cysts or an infection

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    I don't know but you can go get a blood pregnancy test done but withdrawal is not the best idea. If you boyfriend wont use a condom he doesn't respect himself or you

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    ive had cysts on my right overy and its painfull. as I ovulated on my right side this month that i was in tears!

    so Im in your same situation as I dont know if i have the cysts problem (cramps) or just period cramps?) or pregnancy cramps?

    good luck.

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    you could be pregnant if you ovulated early or you could have a infection.

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