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Fan fictions are viewed in many ways. Some cant stand them, others cant resist but read them, some are both. Well I kinda like them. But the question is realy to questions 1; do you like Fan Fictions of Books, T.V. shows, movies, etc. 2; would you ever read a Harry Potter fan fiction that says Lord Voldemort is the one who killed Princess Diana?

It chronologicly makes since. It would of happened in The Deathly Hallows, during chapter twelve: Magic is Might.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No and No. It would be disrespectful to a wonderful woman who did a tremendous amount for humanity and who died in an horrific car accident as a result of a drunk driver.

    How about a fan fiction where Voldemort actually kills JK Rowling? How would you feel about that?


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  • Aurora
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    1 decade ago of the stupidiest addiction I ever had and have is reading fan fiction. I love to read fan fiction only about Phantom of The Opera, Harry Potter and Inyuasha. And no, I would never read a fic that says Voldemort killed Princess Diana, because it's just plain stupid, and I don't like parodies.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I admit, I love fanfiction. A little too much, perhaps, but I wouldn't read a fanfiction that involved a real person. Ever. First of all, it's disrespectful to that particular person to write events in their life out on a whim, especially if those events are rather...explicit. (Yes, I have seen it done before, and it is disturbing.) Secondly, why on earth would anyone write something like that? Princess Diana is a splendid role model for society; why ruin her image by pretending she was killed by some fictional snake-wizard guy? As much as fanfiction is my "guilty pleasure", per se, reading something other than a biography that involves a real person is just...insulting, almost, to that person. It's like you WISH it happened that way. Frankly, I would be rather angry if some fan was writing stories about me and my personal life.

  • Zeta
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    1 decade ago

    I write Fan Fiction,but I wouldn't read one that talked abt Voldie killing Princess Diana.

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