Does anyone know exactly how the CIA spy's on people other than the obvious methods. Is there such a thing as

having a "Bead" on someone? A Bead meaning having listening and giving voice commands the method? Thanks.

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    they do way better than that, some of those vaccines you get as a child are a chip implanted in you. they hear you and see what you see, they tap in through you nervous system. They have had the technology for chips for 50 years almost. the fast enough computers are just getting out to prosses our thoughts too!! I'm serious here.

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    Unless the meaning has changed..having bead meant that you were literally in their cross hairs.

    You would only need to worry about the govt spying on you if you actually did something that would warrant that kind of action.

    They can't spy on everyone all the time so they pic the ones that are terrorists or have commited federal crimes.

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    1 decade ago

    I got a bead on listen very carefully.....

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