How do i get wireless internet on my laptop?

i bought a new gateway desktop and moved my modem and linksys wireless internet box to my new computer from my old one. BUT now my wireless internet wont work on my laptop! it was working great until i moved the boxes and im sure that the cables are all connected because the internet on my new computer works great! when i try the internet on my laptop, it says no connection available. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    When you moved it, you may have moved it to far from where you are using your laptop. Your signal might not be strong enough to reach you.

  • Tyrus
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    1 decade ago

    If I understand you correctly, you purchase a brand new computer and are certain your modem and Linksys router are hooked up correctly, but your computer is not indicating it is receiving the wireless transmission.

    My assumption is, you have tried this with your laptop next to the router.

    The good news is your problem appears solvable and relatve minor. If you have a new computer, they all have at a minimum wireless g at minimum. Second, now a days, before your computer is able to receive a wireless signal, there is usually some switch around the edges of your computer that you first need to swich on so your computer can receive the wiress connection. Once you flip on the switch, there is generally an icon at the lower right hand you your screen that when clicked you can access your internet connect and spot it. Remember when you originally set up your router with your old computer, changes are you also set it up using a MAC address for security. That Mac address needs to be set up using your new computer. The old one no longer exists and you new one will be block from using it. So. you may need to download the Linksys software on your computer. You may need to get it from the web using a wired connection first if you don't have an updated disk. When you do it, make sure you down load the updates to the firmware.

    So fist, check your computer for the switch, down load the Linksys firware onto your computer. If the wired connect is working, you can bet the router is doing fine in all respects. One you have the firmware on your computer, you should be able to go through the set up on your computer. If you don't remember your WPA2 address, you will have to reset the router and redo the installation set up. Don't panic, you are almost there

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    You need to get a wireless card. If you already have one, it may be too weak, or you need to get closer.

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