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turning 16. have had vaginal discharge everyday since i was 14!?!?

clear/white. every day. ANYTIME of the day. its not normal to have it every single day since i was 14 what to do


will it go away ever? :'(

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    Sure it's normal. Not in enormous amounts, of course, but it is not unusual to see something every day, especially in a teenager who is about to or has started her period.

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    Once you start puberty, it's normal to have a white and/or clear discharge. It means your hormones are working as the vagina is self-cleaning. And trust me, you never want it to go away, especially when you start having sex. It's your own natural lube.

  • It happens but you should go see a doctor to make sure it is normal, because I imagine how insecure that would make you. Most important, it should not have an ordor.

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    yes it is very normal. don't worry about it. get some pantyliners.

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    wow go see your gynecologist

  • 1 decade ago need to worry! if its bothersome...use the pantyliners...but don't sweat it. :)

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