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Why would Elizabeth I, of England, not marry Philip II, of Spain? Why would Henry of Navarre be better?

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    The major reason was that Philip was Catholic, and had too much history associated with the purges that Mary instituted when she became Queen. The country had just come through Bloody Mary's reign, while Mary was trying to bring England back to Catholicism. Plus, he was married to her half-sister, Mary -- he wasn't very kind to Mary, finding her unattractive, and he high-tailed it back to Spain less than two years after his marriage to Mary. Henry of Navarre had more Protestant leanings -- he was a Huguenot, and only really converted to Catholicism when he inherited the French throne, just to shut everyone.

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    For many reasons, I guess.

    1) Philip was the husband of her late sister, and that alone would be a good enough reason, even if the two didn't enjoy great relationships.

    2) Philip was hugely unpopular in England. His campaigns against France, which the then Queen Mary supported, ended in loss of the last remaining English land on the French soil - Calais.

    3) Elizabeth probably understood that marrying anyone at the begining of her reign was very dangerous. She would simply loose her powers and would become just 'wife'.

    4) Whole her life, she traded the marriage card pretty well. By giving hope to one Prince or the other, she achieved more then others could achieve through war.

    If by Henry of Navarre you mean King Henry IV of France, the chances the two would ever end up married were minimal.

    1) Both were Monarchs, and marriage between French King and English Quen could not have been welcomed by either countries.

    2) Henry was already married. First, he was married to Marguerite of France, the daughter of King Henry II of France and sister of King Francois II, Charles IX and Henry III of France.

    After divorce with her (and during marriage too, actually), he had long-term relatioships with Gabrielle d'Estre, who bore him 5 children. After the divorce with Marguarite, he was trying to arrange his marriage to Gabrielle, but she died before that could happen.

    After her death, he married Maria de Medici (niece of Catherine de Medici, and his first wive's 3rd cousin). Maria survived him, as he was killed in 1610.

    3) Henry had to convert to Catholicism in order to become King. Elizabeth would never marry a Catholic, even if the two had friendly relationships.

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    Queen Elizabeth did not want to share her power with anyone. Her marriage to Philip of Spain could signify the end of her rule, since people did not like the idea of a female monarch. The government were literally forcing her to marry so their nation could be secured (with royal offspring to carry on the bloodline and having a male figure could mean more stability and a sense of ease for others).

    Parliament could not decide whom the Queen should marry since there were many prospects, and each bachelor lead to promising future and a gurantee peace treaty between two nations such as the French, Spanish and Scottish. They were in a very difficult position to choose the best and suitable candidate for the Queen. Since England was a small nation, they did not know who to side with, and making enemies meant more trouble in the future.

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