What do you think I should major in and where?

I've grown up all my life with two things in mind, business and medicine-two very different paths. Earlier in 9th and 10th grade I did very well in science courses especially biology. By 12th grade, I became a big fan of CNBC, Jim Cramer and Warren Buffet. I still feel like I can be successful in the Medical field, but running my own business can create unlimited cash flow and a better life. I've already been accepted into the college of arts and sciences in two universities (Baylor University and University of North Texas). I thought of a biology major and an economics minor, but this move might be much too difficult for me (if it's even possible). I'd hate to change majors half way into my education.

secondly, I need an opinion on the choice of colleges. Should I go to Baylor which costs $35,000 total per year or UNT which cost about $24,000?

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    My advice would be to do your first two-ish years at a local community college. Knock out your pre-requisite courses and save yourself a lot of money. After that you will likely have a better idea of what major you're most suited for, then can go from there.

    Source(s): Personal experience. I saved thousands by getting pre-reqs out of the way at a CC.
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    I think you need to ask yourself a very important question - how important is that "unlimited cash flow" to you and is it really attainable based on the kind of business you want to go into?

    As a Junior in college - I can honestly say I took 2 years to choose my major and now I think I've found something that I'm ready and eager to do the rest of my life. You may just need to give yourself time trying out each area of study to decide.

    If money is the problem - obviously the easiest choice is UNT, but if you want the best overall experience - what can each school offer you that you want? The one that fits the most on your list wins.

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