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Earth is NOT ROUND is it??


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    Knock on your door:

    Man (wearing suit and dark glasses): "Hi. We heard that you claimed the earth is NOT round?"

    *Looks behind to another man carrying a needle syringe.

    *Turns back.

    Man: "Why don't we go inside....."

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    no the Earth is round like a basketball

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    Like stephen k said, the earth is not quite round. It is actually slightly pear shaped.

  • The scholar said the world was round.

    The skeptic called it flat.

    The scholar said the dollar's sound.

    The skeptic questioned that.

    The scholar said that the Lord is good.

    The skeptic called him a fool.

    How easy we could get along

    If the scholar had just skipped school.

    Source(s): Nothing is the earth is not my defination. But hey...I went to school.
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    It really is, but lumpy, saggy round. Like my ***.

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    Its Rectangular,we are on the southern edge

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    It is actually an oblate spehroid

  • 1 decade ago's 'round here somewhere!

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    Sssshhhh!!!!!! Don't say these things! People burn witches like you!

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