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How much more advanced can a computer get than what it is now?

Every year it seems to get a little better. Will there ever be a point where it wont get any better or more advanced? What else could they possible think up?

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    Well, I remember the day when I had an old Amiga computer with 1Mb (yes Megabyte) of RAM and someone said it was overkill and that computers would never use that much RAM.

    I also remember a person saying that there would be no commercial use for the "internet". This was back in the Compuserve, text-only days when internet was a means for scientific types, universities, and such to communicate.

    So, I will state most definitely --- NO! In the future, people will be amused at the computers in use today; Just as we are amused at old mechanical calculators, etc.

    Nothing is impossible! It's just not been discovered yet.

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    I'd imagine the computer would be like a notebook that you could hold in 1 hand and write on with some kind of pen. There is already software out there that allows you to write on a sheet of paper, and a computer turns it into text. It would be touch screen so you could also type. Other features include wirelessly plugging into the tv. The most important feature would probably have to be anywhere wireless internet.

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    I think our software demands will push the technology further. Just think, a P4 from 3 years ago was fast at the time with XP. But now with Vista and the like, it's slow. If Moore's Law holds up, it's just going to get faster.

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    I don't think computers will ever stop getting better, at least until we have made them the same as us.

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    Never mind the vapor ware that MS is talking about, look out for MacWorld in January.

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    Still a long way more. Today with the advent of nano technology and supercomputers.

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    well, they will become 3-d, more portable, faster, probably competely hassle free communication, voice recognition, etc... for personal long as people continue working on advances, well continue getting them

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    Infinately more advanced.

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    They could become self aware.... Beware the terminators. lol

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    check out what microsoft has coming out in the near future...

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