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High school party tips?

I'm going to my first high school party this weekend with my best friend. Any advice on what I should do/not do and what to expect?


We're both sophomore in Cali.

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    Omg i'm excited for you!

    A few things to keep in mind.

    *it's probably going to be loud.

    *make sure you can stay in touch w/ ur friend

    *DON'T leave any drinks unattended; if you have to go to the bathroom, get a friend to watch it for you or get another drink when you get back. if you don't do that, someone could spike it.

    *hav a good time...if ppl start drinking or smoking, leave promptly b/c if the police came, YOU would be screwed over too.

    *make sure you have a ride home, don't get into a car with a drunk driver (duh).

    *don't wear too much make-up; in this case, less can be more. just some lightly applied eyeshadow, mascara, and a thin layer of eyeliner would be gr8.

    *hip-hugging jeans and cute, sparkly top are classic goregous party clothes....jeans that fit & make ur booty look cute work like a charm :)

    *i would suggest wearing your hear down, but bring a pontytail holder or rubber band to have there just in case your hair starts to get messy.

    *lip gloss is poppin'! it says 'friendly and flirty'

    *don't be afraid to mingle!!!

    *this may sound stupid, but put on deodorant right before you leave, & brush your teeth; minty fresh breath

    *don't be afraid to mingle :D

    *have fun!!!!!

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    Limit the amount of alcohol you drink, anyone who drinks too much becomes annoying. Wear whatever you want that you feel comfortable in just as long as it's not sleazy, if you're comfortable who cares what other people think. Be careful at the party, you sound reasonably smart so just don't do anything that you know might be wrong such as wandering off with people that you don't know. Stick with your friends, you watch out for them and they'll watch out for you. Last tip is to never ever ever leave your drink unattended or have a stranger get your drink for you always have your drink in your hand and get it yourself

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    Depends what type of party. Uhm- don't drink, don't do drugs..... don't get arrested or remove any clothing that isn't a jacket.

    I have a fair amount of parties, but they're usually parent-in-the-house, small (less than 20 people) affairs. I know everyone invited and such.

    If you don't know the person as well, don't know how many people are going, if parents are going to be home, then it's going to be more crazy than you might be expecting.

    It really depends on how the party is set up. Good luck. And don't do anything stupid.. But do have fun!


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    High school party tips?

    I'm going to my first high school party this weekend with my best friend. Any advice on what I should do/not do and what to expect?

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    Well I know you said High School.. but I remember back to my High School days and just about every party was celebrated by getting drunk.

    It's hard to tell you what to expect without knowing your friend but as long as you trust your friend, we'll just assume he/she is going to take you to a safe party.

    You can expect a bunch of people you don't know to also be attending. Get used to being introduced to people and having to explain who you are. This is time to mingle and get to know people so enjoy it. Don't do anything your not comfortable doing and everything should be fine.

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    Highschool Parties

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    You should aim to have fun. High school parties usually are, and there is always "some" type of drama. If you drink, just drink a few beers. Don't get drunk. It's better to have fun and laugh at the drunk people, than BE the drunk person. Trust me!! Good luck and be safe :) Happy holidays!

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    Listen to your mind!!! Do what it feels right and please stay away from whatever you doubt

    Don't drink from opened cans and bottles... Stay sober

    Know your surroundings ... who is around you and where you exactly are

    Make sure an outsider (someone who is not going to the party) keeps track of you, by calling every hour or expect a call

    Guys are not always good ... don't give away a wrong image of you, be yourself and you'll have the greatest fun

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    Try to blend in an act natural, you don't want to be the talk of the party the next day. Don't drink alcohol (You will feel pressure to drink it, just hold any sort of cup so it looks like you already have a drink and no one will offer you). Stay away from the drunks and druggies.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Depends on what kind of party it is. But just expect there to be beer and the typical group of people smoking weed or doing some other drug on the side. But what you do is your choice. Just dont wonder off with unknown guys away from the crowd. Nothing to worry about thou. Enjoy, have fun. You'll have a good time

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