ohio teacher confidentiality?

So i want to tell my AP Psychology teacher that I'm gay. She's a person that I can trust and will be supportive. She's very open-minded, which is good. In Ohio, what is the teacher confidentiality codes? Will she be required to tell my parents/guidance counselor/principal, etc? Thanks!


Just to clarify, I don't have sex. I'm responible. i don't drink, don't do drugs, don't have sex. I'm still a virgin, and proud of it!! So no worries there. I get good grades and am a kind person. so please, don't be saying i'm making irresponsible choices by having sex.

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    Your French would be better if you used the more familiar "toi" rather than the formal "vous".

    Why do you want to tell your teacher that you're gay? She probably already knows, for one thing, and for another thing there is no reason for her to know that about you. It is not relevant to your education.

    I would expect that she would only be required to report such things as

    1. real or possible harm to yourself or others (for example if you said you wanted to kill yourself or blow up the school).

    2. drugs or weapons.

    3. abuse or neglect in your home.

    She might think that being gay is harm to yourself, but if she is as open-minded as you say then I would doubt if she thinks that way. She might want to tell your parents, to make sure that you have information about safe sex, access to condoms, and that sort of thing.

    I see nothing whatsoever to be gained by telling her.

  • I don't know anything about confidentiality codes particular to Ohio (I teach in California), but I can't imagine any state having laws that a teacher has to report a student's sexual orientation. Teachers are required to report suspected instances of child abuse, and like one of the posters above me said, must probably report anything criminal as well, but being gay clearly does not fall into these categories.

    I disagree somewhat with the posters above me who said teachers do not want to hear about your sexual orientation. Of course, if you are just mentioning it as a matter of trivia, your teacher probably will not care at all. However, many people become teachers because they are interested in mentoring teens. I have always been very happy when a student felt he could turn to me for advice about family problems or relationship problems. If you feel you need an adult to talk to outside of your family to give you some sort of support or advice, then I think a teacher you respect would be a very good choice.

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    I wouldn't advise telling a teacher you're gay.

    I'm a sub teacher and I really don't want to hear about sexual orientation. You shouldn't even be having sex at your age.

    Stay a virgin as long as yo ucan!

    but..again...I'm 100% sure there is no teacher on this planet that wants to hear from any student what sexual orientation he/she is.

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