Help me please my account have been deactivate?

how to deactivate an deactivated account in yahoo help me please i need my yahoo mail there's a lot of important messages in there

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    Yahoo has paid, trained TECHS who can help you with your question or problem. Make certain to go into much detail so they understand what information you need. (Simply copy and paste the question you've asked here into the form and add more details if necessary.)

    Here's a link to a Yahoo! Mail Errors and Problems Reporting Form:

    Here's a link to a Yahoo E-Mail Help Request Form:

    Use this form to report incidents of abuse or harassment.

    Customer Service: 1-408-349-1572

    Yahoo contact information is:

    Yahoo! Inc.

    701 First Avenue

    Sunnyvale, California 94089

    Phone (408) 349-3300

    Fax (408) 349-3301

    Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

    Beware: I was informed phone calls are not free and can be very costly!

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