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what would a person need if he was going to live in the mountains for a year??

with no outter contact. Bighorn mountains central wyoming aprox 8000 to 9500 ft on the east face. deer elk turkeys grouse fish year round for the most part

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    Do you want a list of gear, because it's just what you'd need for big game hunting, upland hunting, and camping, assuming you have horses or a mule train to carry your gear to your hunting camp site. Rifles, ammo, shotgun, ammo, barrels and barrels of food, outfitter tent, cabin for winter, a shovel, an ax, a knife... I could go on but I think it's obvious.

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    how many time you gonna ask this? number one you better hope you don't get caught if you plan on doing it on national forest land.they have limits on how long you can camp plus the permits and licenses you need to hunt and fish.....they have seasons that must be followed

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