i'm trying?

to wirte something for friend saying sorry(with out sounding guilty)and saying lets act like this never happen and maybe we can work on friendship later can anyone help me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why would you say sorry if you're not guilty??

    Anyway, it should come from you, your friend probably knows you well enough to realize you didn't do it yourself, and would probably appreciate your effort better.

    Besides, everybody has fights, so (unless its really serious) give your friend some time to cool off, and apologize (for whatever you're not supposed to sound guilty about) sincerely, and in person. Try not to argue if he/she says anything, because that kind of detracts from your apology. But don't let him/her walk all over you, because -and remember this- it takes to to quarrel (so you are probably not entirely free of blame!!).

  • Judy
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    1 decade ago

    Go to any card store, WalMart, Target, Halmark, or any online card sites, many of them are free, check out friendship cards, and I am sorry cards, read a bunch of them and see if one doesn't fit your situation, frequently a little humor and someone else jump starting us we can think of just the right thing to say at the moment.......The card can be the way of asking your friend to meet you half way on this what ever happened....

    Good Luck it takes a strong person to apologize I hope yoou and your friend work this out...

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