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my face!!!!?

ok so im lookin for a good foundation/power that's light and natural looking. i have very sensitive skin so im blotchy and i get blemishes easily so im also lookin for a good skin care system/cleanser for myself.

have any ideas!


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    I have the same issues and i just found a great foundation and powder and what i like the most is that they dont turm my face pink you know what i mean alot of foundations/powders are pink or orange based and i hate that especially when i already have red tinted skin Anyways try this Foundation:Revlon colorstay It has spf 6 and its for combination oily skin and its nude there are lots to choose from so find your preference i got lucky and got mine when there was a buy 1 get 1 free they are usually $10 a bottle but thats just about right for foundation these days Powder:Covergirl loose powder i have transluscent fair And its about $5

    Acne:Try using ST IVES APRICOT SCRUB for blackheads/blemishes this is a great deep cleaning exfoliator that gets down under the skin it will definetley help prevent future breakouts great for pores and blackheads ive had major problems with acne for almost 7 years and i have tried everything (no exaggeration) and st ives has by far worked the best for me and its only $3 cant beat that my skin has never behaved so well!!! lol Rinse with cold water that closes pores and minimizes appearance

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    Clinque. My fave is very sensitive and very prone to breakouts. Clinque is the only makeup brand that does not break me out. I use their superfit foundation which is their mild coverage, they have a lighter one that comes in a glass container. Go to the mall where they sell Clinque and ask them for samples of their foundation.

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    Go to the mall, nordstroms, any GOOD cosmetics and they can help you with anything and everything! just tell them what ur looking for, and they will show you. and if u dont like it then keep looking at the other brands

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    umm i tht u can try using tea tree oil and apply on the affected areas..and i tht u can also use dainty lavender mask which can balance pH and reduce sensitivty..u can buy frm sg website at 88db..umm i tht u can try using skinliite cucumber mask frm sasa..i tht u can also buy aloe vera lotion and apply on the face..

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    use rose water fro wash your face clean it then apply some

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    try bare essentials, its very natural

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