Should I be upset if I don't get 4.0? 10 points for honest answer. Thank you?

I am in grad school. I am currently have 3.71.

I am in MPA program

I had B in Statistics

I had B in Public Budgeting

The rest are A


I expect to get 4.0 this semester. However, I have gone to so much this past month. I am glad ---I did not lost my mind.

Well, there will be time when I think about and regret...Damm I should get 4.0 because GPA is very important.

To what extent does GPA help you pursue your higher education -Ph,D, Scholarship, Career.

Thank you.


English is my second language---Sorry!

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    Yes, I do think you should be upset that you didn't get a 4.0 and achieve your expectations, but in your situation you have to have a short memory about this semester and move forward. Grad school is very tough and in your program a 3.71GPA is outstanding in my opinion. Your classes are not easy and as you said, you did not lose your mind, even while going through difficult times. I respect the high expectations and standards you apply towards your education, but not getting a 4.0 is not the end of the world. You can still achieve all of your goals and continue your higher education as long as you dont allow this semester to discourage you. If anything, stress will be a greater hindrance on you than a 3.71 GPA. Try to minimize the stress to the best of your abilities and I believe you can only do better in the future. Good luck and by the way, your English is just fine!

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    Don't be upset. Your GPA might affect your future it it was a 2.0 or something, but there is very little difference between a 3.71 and a 4.0 - especially if you're looking to continue your education.

    You have the GPA to continue schooling and get your Ph,D, and a Ph,D will overshadow your grad school GPA hands down.

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    I can tell you this attitude of "I expect an A", or "I should get an A" is a relatively new one, and it drives the faculty crazy. A 4.0 is perfect. No one is perfect, and as much as you should strive to learn as much as possible, you can't know what the resulting GPA will be. Unless you are going on for another degree after this, you don't need the grades, and should worry much more about how much you learned.

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    Wow, that is awesome. Congrats! It is good to hold yourself to high standards, but sometimes, it's ok to not hit the mark. Sounds like you are on track. Yes, GPA can help with higher education like being accepted into a school. Being on top of things can also make your next level classes easier.

    Business Stats is a difficult class. Be proud of what you accomplished. It's ok.

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    Getting into a PhD program has a lot to do with publishing. Get yourself published. Of course worry about your grades but as one of my graduate professors told me when I was stressing about the A- that I got for one of my classes..."get a grip!" Don't kill yourself over a GPA slightly under 4.0. Get published. Write a good thesis. And of course keep your GPA above a 3.0!

    Source(s): I'm a grad student with a 3.7 GPA
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    A lot of people are very grade driven. It is possible to be successful and continue to more education without a 4.0. Relax. If you are still worried you can talk to someone in the Graduate College (or equivalent) and they will give you statistics, etc.

    Source(s): In grad school. Not 4.0. Mom and wife.
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    OMG! NO! damn I am in college right now at a 4 year D-1 uni and I never had a 4.0 and I am getting a C average in college now, damn what is up with these goody good students

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    You should be so proud of yourself for what you have already accomplished " The rest are A' s" i could only dream! and you need to not be hard on your self, you are doing more than most. Try not to push yourself to hard, you will have a burn out lol I would seriously be patting your self on your back, Good Job....

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    I don't think you should get upset. When your in higher education anything higher than a 3.0 is great:) Good luck in the future with all your other classes.

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    .I am going through the same thing.. I WILL cry if I don't get a 4.0.. I am being honest.. I think that as long as you try your hardest thats all that should matter.. I need to take my own advice though..

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