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♥ Is Playing 7 minutes in heaven at my Party a good idea?? ♥?

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    depends how lively the people are gonna be!

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    No its not a good idea.Do you just kiss or make out with anybody?It puts pressure on people to kiss when they dont want to and arent ready.Oh since its your party it makes you look as if you lack morals.What kind of protection can you offer a girl?Say she goes in the closet with a boy only to kiss and he touchs her privates and she doesnt like that.How is she protected from being molested like that?I was once young too and I know about these things very well.We played all those games not just 7 minutes but spin the bottle and boys get very handsy in the dark.

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    Well my motto for things of that nature is, if you have to ask, then you probably should not. Aside from that, you will end up wanting to avoid some person, or persons in the very near future, for your 7 mins of "heaven".

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    Uhh, ok. so which you all sit down in a circle, and spin a bottle. So enable's say you're spinning the bottle, whomever it lands on, you and that guy or woman bypass right into a closet and are blindfolded. You proceed to do regardless of with this guy or woman. have exciting on the occasion! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    if ur over 18 then yeah

  • 1 decade ago

    naw...skip the drama and get down to bussiness

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    it's a fun game, but old are you?

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