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Season Finale Of Americas Next Top Model?

i wanted Chantal to win so bad! and well she didnt Saleisha did.......atleast she was on the top 2 left and well shell get somewhere with that!

so who did you want to win?

and out of the 2 who did u want to win Chantal or Saleisha?

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    i wanted chantal to win really bad!!!! oh well. hopefully we'll hear from her.

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    I wanted sarah or heather to win. But out of the two def Chantal!! I think anyones better than Saleisha. When she won, it only confirmed my belief that shes had a leg up by tyra. I still don't get the whole "high fashion" thing 'cause I didn't see any on Saleisha only a whole lot of fake crap. Some role model.

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    Saleisha and she did cmon she had more attitude yes Chantal was bubbly but so was Saleisha and yes Chantal has a great body but seriously not about favs or race Saleisha was the most proffessional with her walk and shoots

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    Saleisha won, but I wanted Chantal to win.

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    I think she was the better model. Although Chantal had taken some pretty nice pictures.

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    I wanted Saleisha to win and she did.

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    I wanted Chantal to win so bad because I thought she did better than all the other girls but I'm sure she will be in fashion someway or another.

  • I'm so happy that Saliesha won. Horray Horray! I wanted her to win!! I'm so happy for her because you can tell that she wanted it so much. Chantal was good too though!!<3

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    i wanted jenah to win. I hated hated saleisha's ugly a** hair cut.

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    I honestly wanted Salisha to win and I'm glad she did. And why the hell is race being brought into it? Jaslene is latina, Caridee is white...good grief...people ***** too much about race now-a-days.

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