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What could be wrong with me?

Lately I've been feeling extremely depressed, sometimes for no reason. I grew up with a difficult childhood, but really I'm past that but once in a while sad/painful memories flood in. I just feel very overwhelmed lately, I recently started a new job (been there two months) that isn't going so well (dealing with co-worker-wise), I'm finishing up my school semester (which from the looks of it I didn't do too well either). I really vowed to work hard this semester, but lately I've been losing interest in things I really like to do (working out at the gym, reading, spirituality, playing video games) and just feeling an overwhelming amount of sadness. Its harder because I'm 20 and I feel like I accomplished next to nothing with anything I've done.

I know I get occassional depression, but lately I've been feeling REALLY, REALLY badly. It's really upsetting and I don't like feeling this way at all. It isn't like me. What could be wrong with me? I've never been depressed like this.


My performance at school took at hit and at the beginning of the semester I was really on top of myself and generally speaking its like that. But as it got closer to the end of the semester I found myself skipping class more and just feeling overwhelmed with work and all that.

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    you know wat the problem sometimes we tend to have to much on our plate and you need to balance your work and you do need time for play try not to be so hard yourself .you can do it just balance your life

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    go to the library and look for a book called "Wellness Recovery Action Plan" by Mary Ellen Copeland. It is a self-help book, but it is very clear and to the point. It's basically a guide to help you realize when you are starting to have an episode of bad depression and ways to set things up so you can deal with it until it passes. I work with people with severe mental illness and we help them by using this book. I even use it myself to get through bouts of pretty bad depression and anxiety and it is so helpful.

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    Go to a therapist and psychiatrist who work together. You probably have general anxiety and don't realize it, and the sadness is depression of some sort. There's different types of depression.

    The pros know what meds you should take and trust me, you'll feel sooooo much better about things in general.

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    You may be having a major depressive episode. research it. Since you said you feel depressed here and there a little a major depressive episode could have been manifesting. Don't panic call someone if you need to.

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    You should go talk to a professional. I have bipolar disorder, so I'm familure with what your describing. I can't really tell you whats going on with you, I just think its enough that you should seek help. Good luck.

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    do something that you know youre good at.

    and if you want, go for walks theres always something cool to see out side. one of my good friends was depressed and we did these things together and it takes time but he got better. hes lovin life now. good luck. :)

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