A lot of people i looked up to are going nuts?

I've held certain high moraled beliefs my whole life. This past year a lot of people that i looked up to and respected deeply have fallen into adultry and all kinds of other things. It seems all around me, the people that have taught me and led me are falling. I feel like a basket case, like is anything i've been believing real? how can they just throw it down, walk away and go nuts if it is real? I don't know what to believe or anything i feel so lost.

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    Welcome to the real world!

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    Just take what they have taught you...... because it seems u obviously know right from wrong it is probably time you lead by example because there is always someone younger than you looking up to you !!

    Alot of people do stumble because life is not easy and it only gets harder as you grow older. You come across things in life where you have to choose which way you go..... sometimes a few wrong turns can get you back on the right track.... and then sometimes it drops you in a big hole without any instructions or way to get out!!!

    So it really depends on how that person deals with their problems etc and moves on with life...... sometimes they feel like there is no solution or think what they have been living by may not be real?? So they are turning away.

    Its all about choice...... Life is what you make it..... :)

    I hope I helped :D

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    all of my friends last year turned to the wrong things, and i had a really hard because i just ended up staying home every weekend and not having anything fun to do because my "friends" were off making stupid choices. I definately was NOT going to give up my morals to hang out with them and do something i would regret later. Things got so much better for me this year, because i joined something in my school that i love. I met a ton of people with the same morals as me, and i have a ton of friends now. Alone time is good for you every once in a while but you should go get involved in something and meet some new people. Keep up the good morals and dont let anyone even try to sway you. It sounds like you've been doing well so far, so keep up the good work!

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    The good issue you have addressed is you know right from wrong. Don't doubt your beliefs due to others giving in to sin. God sent Jesus to this earth to rescue those who have fallen short. There is hope for all who repent. So believe in God and yourself. Listen to what your heart and mind tell you. Sure others may have disappointed you but you hold the key to your own actions and belief. Go to your church (or a church) and talk sincerely to a minister. He can be of great help to you. Don't give up ( the devil is always out there waiting). Use life's lesson to make you strong and even more determined to be one of the True Winners in life. Good luck. Continue on the right path to a rewarding and fulfilling life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    unfortunately, this is what happens in the real life. people do make mistakes, i mean, it's inevitable since we are human.

    you looked up to to those people for a reason, so follow their teachings and believe everything you have been taught to believe. continue to be strong and stand for your morals, values.

    if you fall short, because your mentors have, then you may be causing those people that look up to you to fall.

    stand firm and do what you think is right.

    maybe you can help the people who you look up to. maybe you can fix them straight.

    what you have got to do is break the chain. you can do it.

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    Hold on to what you believe. If it feels right (as in lifetime right not spur-of-the-moment right) then go with that. People fail and you have to hold on to what you believe. Remember, bad examples can be good examples depending on how you act in response to them. Work to not make the same mistake.

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