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How many Pentecostals do we have here?

I used to be a Pentecostal from a United Pentecostal church in York Nebraska, But I quit, they are toooooo fanatical. My parents were Christains and My minister said they were going to Hell, because they were not pentecostal. I was very irate. No one tells me how to worship God. I do it on my own terms. No churches! That was 20 years ago. I'm no farther away from God now than I was then. I hold some of the things they taught me as true. But not all!

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    Hi there brother in Christ.... same here.... never was a member of the Penecostal Church House, but I do have them in family.... and I do agree with SOME of the teachings myself..... and I agree with you also, all but the part about worshipping God on my terms, I do that on His terms..... *smile*....... go in peace....... God bless

    edit...... ooopsie...... I said sister, ment brother.... *sigh*.... I think........ sorry, eyes iz gettun bad......... rofl.......

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    I'm Pentecostal. The bottom line is the church is not perfect. It'f full of hurting people who sometimes hurt others. Yes, that minister was not educated in what he said. The Holy Spirit will always lead us to obey Christ. While, I have been hurt in church too I know His Word tells me that we are to gather together all the more as we see the day approaching. Jesus said if you love me you will obey me. Out of my love for the Savior I gather with His people. The good thing is 90% of the time His people bring healing into our lives and then there is that percentage where some bring hurt. But, their not perfect and neither am I. I just pray to try to be more sensitive and that God will bridle my tongue and not let me an instrument of hurt or offense or ignorance but of healing and peace and wisdom.. If everyone in the Body of Christ prayed this way we could greatly eliminate "church hurt and ignorance." God Bless you brother :)

    Source(s): Myself, my church and the Bible
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    Not all Pentecostals are the same, UPC is very strict, and very religious, they are buried in legalism, they are what the Bible would refer as the Laodicean church, there is a moral obligation for Gods people, but to say people are going to Hell because they are of different belief or don't dress alike, is like having a monopoly on God. I am Pentecostal, meaning I believe in the acts of the apostles, hope that has shed a little light

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    One of my role models in the faith is a Pentecostal youth pastor. He is the most authentic Jesus freak I have ever known. At the same AOG Church there were people who were as corrupt as Benny Hinn. You will find the wheat and the chaff in all denominations. The Pentecostals are more "in your face" so they show their true colors much more quickly then more subdued denominations.

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    I am kinda..... But God has not picked me a church yet to really get involved in. So without direction....I pick my own and pentecostal was what I grew up in.

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    former pentecostal

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    i used to be penta costal. but canot say i still am

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