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What are the origins of Sunday worship and how did it become "Christian" ?


Eds: I think you misread that section of scripture

Update 2:

Eds: There is no connection between the "Lord's Supper" and the places where the 1st day of the week is mentioned. The disciples gathering together to "break bread" simply means that they were sharing a meal. You are reading something into the verse that is not there.

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    Paul did say the ecclesia met on the first day of the week. However, in its proper context, this means that their SATURDAY worship had run so long, because nobody wanted to leave, that it went over into SUNDAY which started at sundown SATURDAY night. This is easily verified if a bit of research is done, rather than listening to stupid man-made traditions which nullify the word of God.

    Also, the Lord's Supper was not a little wafer and cup of juice - it was a full meal, the saints breaking bread together, blessing the bread and wine and each other as they fellowshipped. It was celebration, not a boring ritual!!!!!!!!!

    NOWHERE does the Bible change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

    And even if they did meet on a Sunday, it's quite a giant leap to say this was done because the day of worship was CHANGED from what Yahweh said was the proscribed day of rest.

    Sunday became the day of worship for anti-semitic people who wanted to distance themselves from the Jewish believers. Gosh, not much has changed since then, has it? :(

    Read about Constantine. He sure did screw up a lot for the church.

    EA: the people did give on the first day of the week. Jews probably did not handle money on the sabbath, which was Saturday, just as many do not handle money on the sabbath even today.

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    We don't know exactly what day the sun was worshipped on or even if it was weekly. The day we know as sunday got its name from being dedicated to the sun, not from the sun being worshipped on that day. The day sunday being set aside for christians has to do with the belief that jesus rose on a sunday. This wouldn't have been set down until after rome became christianised.

  • Originally, Christianity was a loose confederation of Jews who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and probably weren't very sure exactly *how* they were supposed to practice their new religion.

    I'm guessing the organized Sunday service came about as the result of the Roman church wanting to get all believers together in one place on a regular basis so they could extract money from them.

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    Ranger Bob,

    Paul wrote that the Church members met "on the first day of the week" to observe the Lord's Supper and to give as they had been prospered. Have a nice week.





    Paul wrote his letters long before Constantine came into the picture...


    Source(s): KJV Bible .
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    Modern Christianity is a blending of pre-Nicene Christianity, Appolonius worship, and worship of Sol Invictus (the sun god). Since Constantine was a sun worshipper prior to creating modern Christianity in 325 CE, Sunday was the decreed day of worship.

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    They shifted it from Jewish to Roman tradition under Constantine to avoid making the entire population of the Roman Empire shift their holiday.


    Eds, under Jewish tradition what we call Saturday was the first day of the week. Their Sabbath begins at sunset Friday and goes until sunset on Saturday.

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    Jews met in the temples on Saturday...the actual holy day! So Christians would worship on Sunday to use the Jewish temples! And it just became the day to worship was Sunday!

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    God created the world in 7 days, the beginning of the 8th, a.k.a Sunday, he claimed as a day of rest and prayer which Christians honor today

    Source(s): Old Testament
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    Saturday is the first day of the week.


    look at your calendar and see what day comes first

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    i do beleive sunday worship began with constatine. to replace sabath worship so that we were not obeying the same laws as the jewish who at the time new christians hated.

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