How do I become a Marine Scout/Sniper?

For a while now, I have been interested in becoming a USMC Scout/Sniper. I know that it requires quite a bit of strength both mentally and physically, and I am willing to go through the training. I am a freshman in high school and have quite a bit of time to train for the Marines. For the times I have used a rifle, I am a fairly good shot. What types of training should I do at my house so that I can be chosen for the Scout/Sniper training school? All answers are accepted, preferably those from current or retired snipers.


For the guy who added the second comment... I am one of the best at math in my grade.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is no training you can do now, besides general physical training.

    All you can do, is get in great physical shape, take all the math class's you can take in high school.

    Yes, snipers must be very good at math.

    Then enlist in the Marines.

    Hope you qualify highly on the rifle range.

    ( believe it or not, some of the best shots, are those who have never fired a weapon before )

    Then let your chain of command, know, you wish to be a scout/sniper.

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    1 decade ago

    Just sign up for scout, wen you see your recruitment officer, he will sing you up. I am also going to be a Marine, but im gona be a ligth gunner. Hope we meet in the battle field kid and by the way if you run up to a AK-47 get it, i will trow my

    M-16 after i get a AK. M-16 makes you cry, cause it sucks.

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