I like this boy and need to know if he likes me. You know you want to help!?

So there’s this real cute guy who goes to my church and I like him. He’s 17; I'm 15. None of my friends think he’s cute. I don’t think I’m pretty. During church he has made me origami, and he always keeps my younger brother from acting like a younger brother to me. But sometimes we sort of ignore/avoid each other. He smiles at me. He’s really nice to everyone though. A couple of nights ago I was at a friend’s house with him and we were laughing and our knees touched part of the time. He’s never asked me out or anything. He always stands up for me. I don’t understand why a boy like him would like me. All my friends think he likes me. His old best friend he doesn’t like anymore thinks he likes me, and so does his really good friend who’s a girl he used to flirt with. He’s always polite to me. Most of his friends are girls. He comes over to me and sits next to and talks to me. I'm his top friend on myspace.

Last summer one of my friends had this conversation with him online: Katie- Do you like anyone at church? Boy- no answer and we’ll leave it at that. Katie- Would it happen to be Lily? Boy- what would you say if I said yes? Katie- That would be sooooo cool like amazing. Boy- I kind of realized she likes me, she doesn’t hide it very well. But don’t tell her I know.

Do you think he likes me? And you think so how can I let him know without saying it straight out, just incase he doesn’t like me?


oh yeah and in the conversation the boy says no anser and we'll just leave it at that. and yes.

Update 2:

ok the boy's a good boy and wouldn't do anything to me that my parents and grandparents wouldn't like (like sex) and I'm the same way.

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    just blow him in the bathroom at church that will fix everything

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    He'll eventually tell you if he likes you. If he doesn't, he could be just playing the field... as you said, he has a lot of lady friends. Don't act immature around him, have some class... you definitely don't want him to start seeing you as a little sister.

  • c90
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    I think he may like you, but you need to find out from him. I know you'd rather have the definite, safe way of finding out whether he likes u or not, but someone's gotta take the initiative/risk. If you want to go out with this guy, u need to go straight up to him, tell him u like him, and ask him what he thinks of u. I know it's bold, but someone's gotta do it.

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    well if he hasnt done anything and you keep hounding him he is going to start running away from you. he probably assumes you wont have sex til youre married and hes waiting another 3 years!! haha

    Source(s): i went to a church event thing once. the boys were FREAKS and i kicked a guy in the nuts "accidently" for trying to feel me up in the pool. haha oops.
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