Do you do this before you go to bed?

When I have to go to work the next day, I always lay out the clothes that I am going to wear to work before I go to bed. I also have every thing right there with my clothes that I am taking to work with me. That way should I over sleep or if I have no power (which has been happening a lot since the ice storm) and have no lights to see by, I will know where every thing is. So do you lay out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed?


I do have a battery powered lantern now on stand by so when the power goes out at least I can see in here. I have had to use it a few times already.

Update 2:

I work at the local school in the cafeteria, so I have to wear scrubs as well. They are a solid color, and that is 7 sets of different colors.

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    Not necessarily, but I DO decide WHAT I'm wearing the next day. AND my purse and other things I want to take to work are all together. I almost never oversleep but when I do, this helps...not to mention in the a.m. I'm not that 'swift' and don't need to have to try to THINK too! lol

  • Far from it actually. I escort oversized loads and am on the road constantly. The weather changes not only from day to day, but also every hour. I sleep in hotels and all the clothes that my husband and I own are in a duffel bag or suitcase. When the end of the day arrives we grab our suitcase and the everyday bag and go into the hotel room. When we wake up we feel the window and look outside to get a feel of the weather. Based on that, we then grab something to wear out of the suitcase (luckily all our clothes match) and put our dirty clothes in a trash bag, ready to be washed later. Most of my clothes are "all season" for me. I usually always wear a t-shirt and a pair of pants (usually blue jeans). If the weather is colder I will add a hoodie or my coveralls. So I would say my method is pretty much grab-and-go.

    Source(s): 2 years of traveling on the road, this is definatly the best method for me.
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    Unless I become rich enough to have servants who lay everything out for me, I will always be a slob who waits until the pressure is on to make the decision of what to wear to work! I save everything, so at my age, I have far too many clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Still, I'm making the decision of what to wear when it's about time to leave for work. Usually it's what ever is on top of the pile, or doesn't need ironing. If it's Monday, that's easy! Whatever I wore to church!

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    When I was working I always did this. Not because I had to worry about a lack of power, but because it was already bad enough getting up and getting bathed and washing and drying and styling my hair and putting on makeup. I didn't want to also have to DECIDE what clothes to wear that day....laying them out the night before took away the need to actually THINK in the morning, because everything else was done on "auto pilot"!

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    Not now Sapphire because I am retired. But if I have an appointment (early in the AM) then yes I do lay out all my stuff - bras, panties, outfit, shoes, bag, and even which watch I will wear, other jewelry, parfum and all my make-up colors to coordinate with my outfit are in the bathroom. NO POWER? - I have a hurricane lamp I hang from the shower rod in the small bathroom - does wonders for my looks!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are keeping warm! CJ

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    Yes I do.I sleep with a maglite and a 357 just in case anything happens.No matter what it is.I have done this for years.Made my children do it,done it for my hubby.Once the lites went out and I was not at my house,so I opened my cell phone to locate my Moms oxygen bottle,done it too.And I thought I was alone on doing the clothes preparations every nite...

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    I have never been a working early person, but I am organized and pretty much know what I will wear, but don't lay anything out. I work nights at a hospital so I wear scrubs too.

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    When I worked, no. But I did usually have a gereral idea what I was going to wear and always made sure the clothes were neat and ready.

    Sorry you're having such a rough night with the weather up there, Sapphire. Be safe and take good care of yourself!


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    I wish I could be as organized and deliberate as you, however I've come to realize that is not in my nature. Positively put, I'm spontaneous, but in actual, I've always been a last minute type of person. I think the rush gets me going, but then again, I was never the sort who stuck to rules, regulations, habits etc. Wish I could be like you though, because it beats eating my toast and trying to iron my clothes at the same time!

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    Sister Okie, good to see your up and running!!!! I haven't been able to work since I got spun around on a tractor!! But, when I did work I made sure my clothes were clean but never laid them out for fear somebody would bother them!! It was always the "cuss and throw" until I found something that suited me!! I was very unorganized!!!!!

    Good to see you!!! I'm glad your out of the "war zone"!! You must be more south than I thought! But, I saw they have a Red Cross unit set up at Bi*** where you live!!!!! We are soooo lucky! 10 miles from here roads are shut down due to trees in the road!! We're preparing for the next one I think it's gonna get us!!!!!!!!!!

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