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people who have heard of Decatur, IL?

do you really think it is that dangerous? I'm from Decatur and sure I wouldn't go walking around some neighborhoods at night, but it's not like your in danger of getting shot or car jacked when you drive through town. I've always heard people from surrounding areas talking like it was that bad though. Now, I just read something online from a girl comparing it to east St. Louis....Come people believe its that bad?

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    Hey I live in STL and I have been to Decatur IL and no it is not that bad. Please someone compared it to East St. Louis they must be out of their mind. There is nowhere in the area that is as bad as East STL. I would not even walk around in the day in East STL. Anyway have some friends that live there, we go out, been to the local bar, done some grocery shopping and it was fine. I really did not feel uncomfortable there at all. I believe there are probably some worse parts in North STL city than in Decatur. I am sure that just like any city Decatur has it’s good and bad parts. Still I don’t see gang violence, drive bys or anything else like that really happening there! Besides there is so much to do up there! You guys have that wonderful lake, some great community parks. There is also the Zoo the Railroad thing (now that was pretty cool) and the Herb Farm which I thought was cool. I also have taken a ghost tour at NIGHT and hey we walked everywhere we went and um I am still alive! Decatur is rich with history and in a great location, every time I have been it really has been a nice city. You know people hear one bad thing about a place and they tell everyone about it. Kinnda like STL they say we are the worst city to live in and have the most crime in the US. The funny thing is our Murder Rate and other crime stats are low. Most of the things that happen here are stolen cars, purse snatchings and things like that. Even those things really only happen in the bad parts of the city and yet we have such a bad rap. Don’t worry about it you live in a great place, and I will be back to visit.

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    I spent a week in Decatur about 40 years ago. My father was in the Wabash Hospital there and I drove him to town and waited around so I could take him home.

    That was a long time ago, but I met a lot of very nice people there and have never forgotten the town.

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    If youre going to stay everywhere in Decatur, IL i propose some the place interior the South seashores area. in case you reside on the factor of the bridge, you could bypass 3 hundred ft, then there will be a brilliant number of nutrients places and a couple of gas stations and a Kroger. "mnwomen" is powerful approximately downtown being "ghetto" yet in addition around the college Johns Hill is quite "ghetto". in case you progression to Decatur, IL, stay in a suburb.

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