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donation and fundraising help!!!?

heres the deal, my church has a goal of raising 90,000 dollars by the end of March 2008 (yes, in 3 months) and i want to know if anyone has any ideas about fundraising that can make big bucks.

we are putting all of the money towards a new building for a church in another town. ill add details later. thanks.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am a volunteer from In-Action Ministries. In-Action Youth Ministries has started a campaign to raise $90,000 by the end of March 2008 to help a small church build a new place to gather. Our ministry travels to small churches in Oklahoma, holding revivals and ministering through music. We visited a small church a few months ago that has caught our attention, a small First Baptist Church in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

We were called to minister at this church and were told that it was a First Baptist Church. We assumed that it was a small church, but was not ready for what we discovered. It was a small church in a part of the town we had no idea was even there, off of the main highway and streets, down in an old flood plain, surrounded by empty and condemned houses. It was an old, small church that had been built by the community with horse and plow back in 1913. The church was definitely in need of repairs, but not the congregation (continues..)

Update 2:

they packed out their small building with kids and senior adults.

The Pastor, who does not receive a salary, shared with us his vision for the community. He simply loves the people in the area. He delivers food and clothes to the needy and elderly, while the church feeds the kids every Saturday. When our pastor called him on December 12, he was on his was to help a family of five get their gas turned back on. Pastor Finley is truly a man that is helping an area that a lot of people have forgotten and a lot of us have never known about.

As our ministry team was leaving the church, they noticed a building dream on the church wall. The pastor had drawn a picture of the building the church was trying to raise money to build. Our pastor asked him how much they needed and he told him about $90,000. It would take almost three times this amount in a larger city to build the church. Their old church is in need of major repairs and they can’t add on to the existing building because of its

Update 3:

location. This church has more kids and elderly than they can hold and accommodate, so In-Action Youth Ministries has decided to help them build their dream.

The dream of this church is very dear to my heart. I have seen many lives changed by simply smiling and saying, “Hello” to someone and this is a great opportunity for not only myself but my peers to see how much of an impact things make. I love to volunteer and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. My personal goal is to raise $9,000 by the end of March 2008. I know that I can achieve it and I will. With a new gathering place and more room, this church can make a huge impact and I’m willing to put every effort into this time to help them in any way that I can.

Our goal is to raise $90,000 by the end of March 2008.

Can you help?

Thank you.

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    There are over 3000 Baptist Churches listed in Anywho JUST in the state of Oklahoma!

    If you send a plea to each of these churches requesting just $10.00 from each congregation; that would be over $30000.00!!!!

    If you send a plea to each Baptist Church listed through out the United States you would have a nice account to do your ministry work..and to set up a dot-org to help out other Baptists.

    Good Luck to you!

    Source(s): Even the poorest congregation can raise $10.00 for something they believe in. Its not asking alot and you can email or call the churches so your financial investment is not overwhelming.
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    I know some churches have rummage sales. The people from the church donate and a group sells it to whoever comes to the sale. How about a bake sale? What about putting together a cookbook? Have the people in the church give out favorite or family recipes. I love buying those cookbooks with simple delicious recipes. Good Luck!!

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