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I tested my download speed at speakeasy.net/speedtest .

I have 2 computers. One computer is a laptop, I bought a USB Wireless adapter for it, the laptop runs on Windows ME. It's DL speed is about 4700 kpbs. On my computer which is faster than my laptop and is using WIRE, using Windows XP. It only goes at a speed of about 3000kbps. And the wire is only about 20 feet. What can I do to make the speed for my Windows XP faster? I defragged the computer already.

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    Your Internet speed is determined by your ISP. Period.

    General speedtest sites are not incredibly accurate since the particular server you're running a speedtest on could be located anywhere in the world. Even if you choose one in a particular location close to you, it's still subject to latency, traffic, server problems, etc.

    Your ISP should have a speedtest site on a server they have at the edge of their network that will give you a more accurate speed rating. Call them. If there's a problem, they can help you troubleshoot.

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    AH! here is your proablem, the file server's upload speed is slow, try using bit torrent (for legal downlads) and see your new speed, if you download something popular like linux ubunt, you should have a higher speed. Also, if you have comcast, the first few seconds of a download are much faster (called turbo boost)

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    Try disabling any firewalls you have running, windows firewall, Norton Internet security, etc. Also kill any unnecessary programs from the task manager.

    Technically the LAN should have higher throughput assuming it is 100MB. If disabling firewalls on your xp machine does not change anything, try other speed test to ensure the measurements are consistent. http://www.dslreports.com/stest?loc=1 is one to try. If you still get the same results constantly on other speed test sites, try booting into diagnostic mode or safe mode with networking on your XP machine. Also, I've heard BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) reserves a chunk of your bandwidth at all times for windows updates. There are reg hacks that can reduce the %, but also you can stop the service termporarily to see if that is the casue..

    To stop BITS click start, run, type SERVICES.MSC, enter

    find "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" and click stop.

    Then try your speed test.

    Let us know your results, it would be interesting to know if the BITS really does reserve noticable bandwidth.


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