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What do they do with abandoned babies?

Odd question, I know. But I was doing some writing and1 research recently, and I started to realise I had no idea about this. What happens if they find a child, with no parents, documents, etc. As in, an abandoned child, or a Baby Hatch child.

How do they name the child?

What happens if the child is deceased, what do they do?

Any other details would be nice.

Also, what about unidentified deceased of any age, I know about Hart Island, and all that, but what about where I live, Miami/South Florida? What becomes of all these people?

It's killing me to think about it. I know what they do with dogs, and that makes my gut wretch. I have adopted dogs, and dread the thought of them having suffered that fate...

But what about people, what do they do? I want to know.

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    In the case of deceased babies, most municipalities maintain a Potter's field that is a buriel ground where John,Jane and baby Doe's are buried.

    Live children become wards of the state. Usually Children and Family Services divisions process them into foster homes.

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    How wonderful the idea of Baby hatch.

    Now young girls not knowing what to do when they get pregnant and are too young to be able to care.

    Then the parents are not talking them in to abortion Somebody can be made happy with this baby. We should look into this.

    I know a lot of girls who had a abortion ,they are never happy again sooner or later the feel the hurt of killing a part of them self.A lot need psychiatric help They never will be happily married.

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    They give them to foster mothers.

    Make up a name.

    And do a search for relatives who may

    want to adopt the baby.

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