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Which players do you think will be in Mitchell Report tomorrow?

What players have you noticed to get bigger.

Who do you think is juiced?

There are my top "Juicers".I also have some good source for most of these players being on it.

1.Andrew Jones

2.Johny Gomes

3.Luis Gonzalez

4.Curt Schilling

5.Roger Clemens

6.Ryan Howard

7.Carlos Delgado

8.Carlos Pena

9.Barry Bonds

10.Jason Schmit

11.Joel Piniero

12.Jason Giambi

13.Derrek Lee

14.Ken griffey Jr.

15.Torii Hunter

16.Guillermo Mota

17.Paul Oneill

18.Al Leiter

19.Scott Swoenweiss

20.Jay Gibbons

25.Gregg Zaun

26.Troy Glaus

27.Vernon Wells

28.Paul Byrd

29.Rafel Betancourt

30.Ben Broussard

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    Eh... Don't really think Griffey's on it... My thoughts, with ones I agree about first... (some of the names I just don't know about i/e Gomes):

    Also... Doubt that all these guys will be on... But ya never know...

    1. Andruw Jones

    2. Luis Gonzalez

    3. Curt Schilling

    4. Roger Clemens

    5. Carlos Delgado

    6. Carlos Peña

    7. Barry Bonds

    8. Jason Schmidt

    9. Joel Piniero... Good pick here

    10. Jason Giambi

    11. Derrek Lee

    12. Guillermo Mota

    13. Al Leiter... Not sure on O'neill...

    14. Scott Schoenweiss

    15. Jay Gibbons

    16. Gregg Zaun

    17. Vernon Wells

    18. Paul Byrd

    19. Ben Broussard


    20. Mark Mcgwire

    21. Jim Edmonds

    22. Ivan Rodriguez

    23. Jason Grimsley

    24. Jeremy Giambi

    25. Mike Mussina

    26. Adrian Beltre

    27. Nomar Garciaparra

    28. Sammy Sosa

    29. Juan Gonzalez

    30. Carl Pavano

    31. Kyle Farnsworth

    32. JD Drew

    33. Jorge Cantu

    34. Kris Benson

    35. Scott Williamson

    36. Brian Roberts

    37. Melvin Mora

    38. Corey Patterson

    39. Troy Glaus

    40. Victor Zambrano

    41. Bartolo Colon

    42. Gary Matthews Jr******* He'll be on for sure.

    43. Chris Reitsma

    44. Arthur Rhodes

    45. Jeff Weaver

    46. Jered Weaver

    47. Jose Vidro

    48. Raul Ibañez

    49. Eric Gagne

    50. Kevin Milwood

    51. Jerry Hairston Jr.

    52. Jason Kendall

    53. Mike Piazza

    54. Milton Bradley

    55. Mike Sweeney

    56. Mark Sweeney

    57. Angel Berroa

    58. Reggie Sanders

    59. Juan Encarnacion

    60. Sidney Ponson

    61. Luis Castillo

    62. Jeff Cirillo

    63. Torii Hunter... Okay... I'll put him in...

    64. Jason Tyner

    65. Kenny Rogers

    66. Gary Sheffield

    67. Jose Contreras

    68. AJ Pierzynski

    69. Jermaine Dye

    70. Scott Posednik

    71. Juan Uribe

    72. Darin Erstad

    73. Trot Nixon

    74. David Dellucci

    That's mostly the AL... I rest my case... Doubt that even 10% of this will be on here... But... who knows... Just my thoughts.

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    If Griffey is fingered, it will be a huge, HUGE thunderslap across the face of many baseball fans.

    I'm not among them. I neither know nor care if Junior was using, but considering that denouncers claim that steroids make one injury-prone and fragile AND IN THE SAME BREATH note that, no way Griffey was using, because he was injured so often (i.e., injury-prone and fragile), I'd look upon it as unwelcome but brightly illuminated vindication.

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    properly there are 2 issues very obtrusive right here. first and maximum efficient, you're a Yankee hater. Secondly, you particularly bumped your head in this one, to no longer point out placing out your mouth to alter ft. Are you severe with this question, or have you ever run out of cleansing soap operas to reveal screen? Oh and props to you Steve M. for the analogy proving what an idiotic question this somewhat grew to become into. yet I did mark the question as exciting for the sake of alcohol and drug study.

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    No griffey, jr. and how many red sox players since he works for the team.

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    1 decade ago

    Probably very few. No players would talk and not many trainers would name names. This report is a joke and everyone around it agrees. What a scumbag Mitchell is. If I ever see him I will punch him in the face.

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  • Oh, I see how it is now. If you are a good player, you're automatically a cheater and a steroid user. Give me a break, some of those people might be on them, but I doubt all of them.

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    who really cares!!!!!!!!!! I think that the report is only going to hurt the game not help it. I honestly think they ought to burn the report!!!!!!!!!! I mean lets say your favorite player is on the list. Are you going to like him less? I mean where is the proof he actually juiced? We going to believe some Politician?????? Come on!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Oh god, dream on buddy.

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