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Whats the news whats the new transfers in mexico?

Does anyone know all the transfers there has been in mexican soccer all of them to this day and maybe rumors? I know of arce went to santos and rumor landin to chivas because morelia is broke and needs to sell players also walter gaitan to necaxa it's official and a rumor of mosquera de arsenal de sarandi to america but thats a strong rumor any more official transfers or rumors???


lo de maza is just a strong rumor tho you cant say he now belongs to psv unless you have a link to prove it becuase last time i checked today it's says that there is no legitimate offer for maza de la torre of chivas said so!!

Update 2:

P.s. i dont think chelito will ever go to europe well not soon it's been 3 years since he has nbeen wanting to go.

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    Miguel Ángel Brindisi (DT)

    Jesús Corona (Tecos) **

    Jorge Daniel Achucarro (Cerro Porteño), paraguayo


    Juan Pablo García (Tigres)


    Francisco Mendoza (Chivas USA)**


    Nicolás Olivera (Atlas) Uruguayo

    Felipe Ayala (Chiapas)

    Melvin Brown (Chiapas)

    Gilberto Mora (Chiapas)

    Javier Cámpora (Chiapas) argentino


    Diego Martínez (Morelia)

    Osmar Ferreira (CSKA Moscú) argentino


    Salvador Reyes (DT)

    Omar Ortiz (Chiapas)

    Walter Gaitán (Necaxa) argentino

    Juan de la Cruz (Veracruz)


    Edgar Solano (Monterrey)

    Robert de Pinho (Betis de Sevilla) brasileño

    José Joel González (Atlante) regresa

    Santos Laguna

    Fernando Arce (Morelia)


    Alonso Sandoval (Veracruz)


    Rodrigo Ruiz (Tecos)

    Alejandro Corona (Chiapas)

    Ariel González (San Luis)

    Santiago Raymonda (Arsenal) argentino

    Claudio Graff (Sakayaspor) argentino


    Fernando Morales (Necaxa)

    Efraín Juárez (Barbate, España)

    Marco Antonio Palacios

    ** Por oficializarse

    As far as Maza goes De La Torre has confirmed 2 Chivas are going to PSV. It could be Maza, Magallon, Medina or Pato

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    besides the ones u said and EL BEBE Moreno going to Europe, Arce to Santos , Lozano to Cruz Azul , and i hate to say it but it looks like PSV is going to land Maza

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    Maza Rodriguez now belongs to PSV EINDOVHEN

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    tecos wants alberto medina

    chelito to benfica

    so far thats all i have heard

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    yup wat da guy above me PUROMEXICANO

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