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Hi which Toshiba HD-DVD player should I buy for my "50" Hitachi HDTV/LCD & it is 1080i resolution?

Hi I want to buy Toshiba HD-DVD player. Since my HDTV it is 1080i resolution & I am looking for cost less then $220.

Thank you!


Please don't tell me to buy the blu-ray instead! I choose HD-DVD & everyone has different taste. I also don't care of the format war either! The format war will be over in the next 9 yrs.

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    HD DVD is the better choice for HD disks ... more capable player and stable/final specification. I've also read that HD DVD players are better upscaling DVD players for when you want to watch DVDs. Ignore all the brainwashed blu-ray fans!

    That said you really only have one choice if you want the Toshiba name on it ... the HD-A3 (and since you only have a 1080i HDTV it's all you need.

    However, there is another option -- the Venturer SHD7000 -- $198 at Walmart. In reality it is a rebranded HD-A3 so it's really a Toshiba. The only consideration is the "free" disk offer. As I understand it the real Toshiba qualifies for more movies, so the price difference (based on what price you can find the HD-A3 at) may be the deciding factor. Your choice. The link is to the SHD7000 owners thread at AVS Forum.

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    Does your TV support HDMI or DVI-D? If not an HD-DVD player or Blu-ray may not play in 1080i, since you would be using Component Video as a connection. If your TV does support HDMI then yes, the player can output in 1080i. lastly, I would recommend if you are really consious of what format will win, consider getting the new LG HD-DVD/Blu-ray player, so you'll be set to go!

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    If you have chosen HD instead of BluRay - the less expensive HD-A3 is being sold for about $199. Use Shopzilla or Amazon to find prices.

    EDIT: Ok - Shopzilla shows a $201 price.

    Use MonoPrice or BlueJeans to order a HDMI cable (which does not come with the players).

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    i don't know what the model was, but i believe it was K-mart or Walmart that had one for 199 for black friday, but i cant find it anymore. the cheapest one I saw by Toshiba was 299. I found a decent one for 189 though, check my sources list. But if I were you, buy a Blu-ray player instead. HD-DVD is finished. Blu-ray won the format battle clearly. It has much better picture, can store more data, etc. and it has more supporters, which means there's a wider selection of titles to choose from

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    Wait...don't buy any HD DVD player until the war between HD and Blu Ray is resolved. Otherwise you may end up with a worthless player and no movies to watch on it. You don't want to have the next Beta Player on your hands.

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    Best Buy and Circuit City have some for about $250 so looks like you need to shop around to hit that magic price of less than $220

    Amazon dot com has a refurbished one:

    Or you can try your luck after Christmas at after Christmas sales

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    None get Blue-Ray. But if you have to have HD-DVD get the cheapest because your TV can't handle 1080p output of the more expensive ones so no need in spending the extra. Plus the format is going to die soon anyway so why spend a lot of money.

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    Toshiba HD-A3, HD -D3 (Costco)

    or HD-A2 if you can still find one..

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    Buy a ps3, I know it's more than $220 though.

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