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Regarding Israel....?

Your thoughts on Israel..?.....can anyone explain why various religions seem to have a need to control historical sites other than greed, lust for power, and an illusion of superiority?

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    Israel takes up 0.01% of the entire middle east.

    There already 22 Islamic states.

    Jews have lived in Israel for 3000 years continuously. The term 'Palestinian' used to refer to Jews, Arabs, Christians - to everyone.

    The problem was that Palestine was a twice promised land: the British held the mandate and because of oil, they promised the land to the Arabs; at the same time, they promised the land to the Jews, who had always been there, and who desperately needed a safe homeland of their own.

    In 1947, Britain proposed Partition. They gave part of Palestine (the smaller part, in fact) to the Jews; the rest went to the Arabs.

    The Jews accepted the plan. The Arab world went beserk and declared war. And sure enough, within a mere 12 hours of Israel declaring independence, the neighbouring Arab countries - Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan - all attacked Israel.

    The Palestinian Arabs that were living there were told to flee by their Arab brethren, and that they could soon return once Israel had been 'conquered'. So they left. There is so much evidence that they fled on the orders of Arab leaders, it's hard to imagine that anybody even doubts it.

    But the Israelis defended themselves and by a miracle, pushed the invading Arab armies back. That's how Israel got land that wasn't originally hers: while defending herself.

    Thus the Palestinian Arabs were left homeless. Those few that had remained in Israel, are today along with their families full Israeli citizens; they vote, sit in the parliament, follow Islam; Israel is a democracy.

    And the rest of the Palestinian Arabs? Left by their Arab brothers to rot in refugee camps - where today they remain. In Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, there they are. It's appalling.

    By the way, you might like to note that at the same time as all the Palestinian Arabs were fleeing, an EQUAL number of Jews were kicked out of the Arab countries.

    And where are they now? Were they left in refugee camps to garner world sympathy and be used as a pawn?

    No; they were absorbed into Israel.

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    In fact, Jerusalem is a matter of Holy Site, not just historical site.

    If a holy site governed by it’s believers then it is generally well taken care of.

    Jerusalem holds religious significance to both the Jews & Muslims.

    For Jews, it has the temple built by King Solomon (prophet). For Muslims it was fist direction of worshiping God All-mighty. Moreover, Jesus, son of Mary, also expected to show up in the same city.

    Keeping politics at an arms distance: both must find an amicable solution & must adopt policy of ‘live and let live.’

  • Israel is Biblical and Historical. Many religions would like to have contrl of because of the political power behind that.

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    Why is the whole world reeling over a small partial of land? Why can't the world leave Israel alone? No one wanted it until the Jews moved back in 1948. Now every one wants a piece. It is not religions, it is 'ha satan' trying to destroy the Jewish race.

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    I do feel it is important that the differing religions do have acess to important sights and can figure some thing out for sights with common importantce but first and formost we need to remeber Jarusalem means the City of peace and thus be peaceful. I'm sick of the bloodshed from both the Palistinians and Jews. I'm zionist saying that non Jews should leave the area- ask your self how you would feel with people demanding you leave your home becuse you were the wrong faith? this is racism...and I'm sick of seeing people like HAMAS turning the issue into Jihad. The Christians are leaving palstine becuse there are the two voices calling for either an Islamic or Jewish state and edging them out.

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    The serpent told Moses that if he would worship him, he would give to Moses and the decendants of Moses the promised land. But the serpent ,ixes lies with truth.

    The things of this world are Satan to give to whomever he wants, but you must first be will to worship satan, and then he will give it, (Luke 4:6)

    Jesus did not want a kingdom, for Jesus knew that Moses was deceived. The "promised land" was not of this world, it was and always has been "the kingdom of heaven.

    But Moses did not, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all knew that the promised land was not of this world. And they knew the way, it was to love your neighbor, to do to other as you would have them do to you. The testimony of the Christ is the Word of God, and we were born of the Word of God, it is therefore written in our hearts

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    Israel believes that the historical sites are theirs based on Scripture and their covenant with God.

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    It is claimed by those who believe the early scriptures that God gave them that land. It is closely tied to the Jewish faith as a result.

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    God gave Israel to the Jewish people. It belongs to them. Christians understand this. Read Romans chapters 9, 10, and 11, and throughout the Old Testament, the promise of God is that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and we will support and teach this.

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    The original City of Mecca is in Israel. thats why the muslims want it and hate the idea that it was given to Israel as part of the agreements ending WWII.

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