Why won't Gore debate Global Warming?

He never has and I'm guessing, never will.


Let me rephrase.....why won't be debate the crazy outcomes he predicts on GW?

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    A) Because his arguments do not stand up well against factual criticism. Look at what John Stossel accomplished in 10 minutes.

    B) Because Al Gore is a wonk and never debated well. His inability to debate in a polite, convincing manner cost him the 2000 election.

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    He wont debate because the truth about him being in charge of a multi biion dollar corporation involved in the industry reated to products that sell because of gobal warming fear will surface.

    He used the immotove picture of a one polar bear on the edge of a melting bock of ice. People think the poor bear will drown, They can swim over 100 kms no problem and the ice melts seasonally every year. We automatically think the polarbear must be endangered but the truth is, in 1950 there were 5000 polar bears and now there are more than 25000 and in some places are considered vermin.

    He wont tell you that of all the CO2 in the atmosphere at the moment, less than 0.5 percent (thats right half of one percent) is created by humans. The majority is caused by volcanos around the world. Over 80 percent of the worlds volcanos are under the ocean and many are near the arctic forcing heat into the ocean and causing the ice to melt. There has also been an increase in the earths volcanic activity in the past few years.

    He wont debate that there is actualy colder temperatures being recorded at the poles and also many northern countries that have glaciers are witnessing advancement of the glaciers by as much as 10km per year.

    I have no political agenda, I just hate to see the use of the environment as a fear tactic to enforce more laws, more taxes and to change the spending habits of people.

    911 made everyone scared of terrorism and paved the way for the unjustified invasion of Iraq and now global warming (something that could affect everyone) is being used to advance many new oppressive and greedy agendas.

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    Al Gore can't debate it, he doesn't know anything about it. He just read from index cards prepared by his (in-pocket) scientists.

    The time for debating the science is over..........then why are so many scientists still debating it? It's because it has not been proven, the IPCC models are constantly being proven wrong, and any scientist who speaks out against the claims of the IPCC get criticized.

    This GW debate has split the science world, half believe, half don't. Only those that believe are getting the press though.

    There are thousands of papers and proposals from scientists who debate the agenda-driven IPCC's findings. So don't listen to "propaganda1981". These so-called scientific experts are only given the name of "expert" or "leading climate experts" by the media. What makes these meteorologists in the IPCC experts?

    Here's a great idea, let's hold the "Climate Crisis" meeting on an island 8 degrees south of the equator during it's hottest time of the year (35+ degrees Celsius). Then we can say how hot it is and it's because of global warming.

    They should place this global warming section in the politics section, it obviously is all about political agendas and business profits.

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    I think he probably should engage a global warming skeptic in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. That would probably be very entertaining and informative. However, I think its unfair to suggest Gore has never debated the facts of Global Warming with his opponents. He did testify before both chambers of commerce: First during a a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality of the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the Committee on Science and Technology in the house, and second before the Committee on Environment and Public Works for the Senate, and did face some tough cross-examination from various members of congress, specifically Senator Inhofe.

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    Gore isn't a scientist. He's irrelevant except that he made the findings of scientists accessible to the general public.

    If anyone were going to debate the issue, it would be a scientist, and scientists debate all the time by writing research papers.

    No research papers reject the scientific consensus that humans are the primary cause of the current global warming.


    The debate as to the cause of the current global warming is over among the scientific experts. Only laymen who don't understand the science continue to dispute this.

  • Bob
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    1 decade ago

    Because he's not a scientist.

    A debate on global warming by climatologists could be interesting.

    Of course, to accurately reflect what climatologists think, it would look a little funny. On one side you'd have one guy, on the other, 99 of them.

    "The fact that the community overwhelmingly supports the consensus is evidenced by picking up any copy of Journal of Climate or similar, any scientific program at the meetings, or simply going to talk to scientists. I challenge you, if you think there is some un-reported division, show me the hundreds of abstracts that support your view - you won't be able to. You can argue whether the consensus is correct, or what it really implies, but you can't credibly argue it doesn't exist."

    NASA's Gavin Schmidt

  • I have a great answer....because Global Warming doesnt exist! I wonder why they are calling off meeting together for their final chance to save our planet????

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    "The debate in the scientific community is over."

    -Al Gore-

    Obviously, he feels there is nothing left to debate.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    BTW that for answering my question :)

    the answer is because he is a t*w*a*t he would rather not talk about something he is contributing to so........ well he doesnt nothing anyone can do well maybe you could write letters try getting closer to him and get the true answer

    x xx x :)

  • Mikira
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    I love how the AGW fanatics on here just state it's because he's not a scientist, but he's the scientists spokes person in a lot of ways and he openly and emphatically says "The Debate is Over!" And I'm sure the scientists who are in his and the UN's back pocket follow suit.

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