What is the best way to get wax out of jeans?

i have accidently dripped wax on my jeans. how should i get it out? i've scratched at it and it didn't do anything. will it help if i use a hair drier to sort of melt it out?


would just washing it help?

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    Put a paper bag on the spot (or a piece of one) and iron it out, the wax should stick to the paper after you remove it. You may need to do it a couple times to get it all out. It will leave an oil stain behind if it is a scented candle. Good luck.

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    IF you washing will help but it would still appear as if there is a big ol' oil stain. If you are going to try washing wash it alone in hot water.

    I would suggest this though...

    Scrap off as much as possible. The colder you can get the jeans first, the harder the wax will be, and the more effective the scrapping will be.


    Boil some water in the microwave till it is boiling. Add some dish detergent and dip it in there then squeeze the water out (watch out the water is hot! Dish gloves should help).

    The hot water will make the wax melt like oil and the soap will separate it from your jeans. Once you start seeing wax floating on the top of the water, use a spoon to get it out and keep repeating what you are doing. You want to make sure you are not dipping it back into the wax! The bigger the bowl is the easier it will be! Good luck!

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    Scrape off what you can with a dull knife, then use an iron and lots of paper towels to melt it out little by little changing the towels to soak up the left over wax. Do this until you cant see any more wax on the paper-towel, be patient. Then use a degreaser like goo gone spray gel citrus prior to washing. It will take out the grease that is left over in the wax, good luck!

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    Scrape the solid stuff off, then put paper towels over the wax and with a warm iron go over the spot. The melting wax will be absorbed into the paper towels. Keep doing this until no more wax is left.

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    Use paper, put over and under and put a hot iron to melt the wax, that in turn will be absorbed by the paper, repeat by changing the paper until it's all gone.

    Be careful with the paper and the iron, don't go setting the house on fire!!!

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    positioned the pants interior the freezer. whilst the wax is tough, scrape off what you may. Then, positioned paper towels on the two sides of the textile. Use an iron to soften the wax onto the paper and save utilising sparkling paper until eventually not extra wax comes off.

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    Put some toilet paper, or a paper napkin or something like that, on it. Use a hot iron on that. It will melt the wax and the wax will be absorbed by the paper.

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    get a brown paper bag, like one from the grocery store and an iron. put the jeans on the ironing board and place the brown bag between the jeans and the iron. on a low setting iron the bag and you will see the wax absorb into the bag.

    i spilled wax on carpet and it worked great!

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    Hair drier then wash is hot water and high heat in the drier

    **caution** they might shrink a bit if they are cheap jeans

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    I always heard that if you put a paper bag on top of the wax spots, and then iron the paper bag, it will draw the wax into the bag. apparently.

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