Looking for Marcia Ball lyrics?

Hi. There is a song called "Daddy Said" from the "Gatorhythms" album. I can't find the lyrics to it. Can someone give a link to it or simply write down the lyrics? I can send the song if needed.


www.ask.com didn't help :(

Update 2:


unfortunately no :(

The starting line should be:

Well, my sister got married at the very early age...

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    See, is it this?!

    Daddy said that's the way it oughta be

    Daddy said that's the way it oughta be

    Daddy never lied and that man told me

    Find yourself a girl that drives you crazy

    Well I whistled at Mary up on Cherry Hill

    She gave me the finger and my heart a thrill

    I was dumb enough to ask her out on a date

    She was dumb enough to say pick me up at eight

    Well I whooped and I hollered all teh way down the block

    I never touched my dinner, put my mama in shock

    I took four showers and I combed by hair

    I looked in the mirror, saw a lucky boy there


    Now down in the cellar, had my sights set low

    Expecting big rejection but my baby gave the go

    We was dancing Catholic, slammin' hip to hip

    I must've been a lousy kisser cause she bit my lip

    She was two years younger, she was ten years wise

    I was a whole lot dumber that those other guys

    She said I'll love you boy forever, quit that silly band

    Things got real romantic, things got outta hand


    Now do you take this man

    Well let me hear you say yeah yeah

    Put the ring on her hand

    Now let me hear you say yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Say goodbye to your old friends

    Runnin' wild on weekends

    Welcome to the world of the tied down

    You're swimmin' in the deep end

    Now a mess of nasty weather hit the home address

    Mary met somebody you can guess the rest

    She said we'll keep in touch, she said we'll still be friends

    Truth I ain't seen Mary since I don't know when

    She ain't my baby and we ain't nineteen

    lately I been feelin' kinda sad and mean

    Now life ain't wonderful and love ain't grand

    I'm gonna have to have a talk with my old man

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