Monkey Island Game?

Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if there is any other games which is similar to Monkey Island - quiz and puzzles in every move type of game? Pls introduce me some thanks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Day of the tentacle - simply great and challenging, and funny

    Indiana Jones and the last crusade - based on the film point and click adventure, and IJ Fate of Atlantis

    Broken sword series ..uhh so many I don't knoiw which to write down... there's really many similar games, some funny, some exciting, some historical... try to browse point and click and adventure games for example.

    Goblins - cute and funny

    Gabriel Knight... etc etc etc

    The above are mostly old games , the graphic isn't the top quality but somehow I like the cartoonish style

    If you visit the site in the source you can find new games as well, the list is too long :)

  • evert
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    3 years ago

    monkey island is doubtless certainly one of the suited video games I certainly have performed I certainly have finished all 4 you extra returned grate ideas of my misspent toddlers not that many video games like that now i desire they carry out a clean one quickly previous guybrush ought to be due yet another day out

  • 1 decade ago

    I would recommend Grim Fandago

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