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What are the similarities and differences between Sociology and Anthropology?

I know that both fields are holistic but I'd like to know the similarities and differences.

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    Anthropology is the study of anything and everything related to mankind--prehistorically, via material culture (archaeology), language, social behavior, culture, biological development, etc. Anthropology has 4 fields: biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archaeology. It's really only cultural anthropology that bears similaritie to sociology, as it tends to focus on the present day, and the study of groups of people. More often than not, the people studied are from a different culture than one's own, and will tend to represent a specific group of people who identify with each other as a group.

    Sociology emphasizes social behavior, so has more of an emphasis on only the present. There is a tendency to focus on one's own society, but it doesn't have to be that way.

    But the real difference is largely methodological. Cultural anthropologists tend to prefer qualitative methods (that is, asking questions, with long complex answers written in sentences). Sociologists much more often use quantitative methods (that is, statistical models and surveys that can be broken down into short sentences or words or categories).

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    Difference Between Anthropology And Sociology

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    Anthropology is the study of cultures and evolution. It dates back to the beginning of the human race. Sociology is the study of people. In the now.

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    Actually they overlap. Sociology study of groups of people and anthropology study of man. Anthro tends to study the past but not always. One book I had to read for my anthropology class was a study of a present day group of people in the USA. Anthro also covers subjects found in other sciences such as the medical sciences and veterinary science. I found a bone in my yard and the county anthropologist was the only one who could identify it as a bone of a calf. I was starting to worry that it was human. What was interesting is that I found a 1908 penny in the same area and she said that people use to do that when they buried a pet or an animal used for a special purpose. Such as a BBQ.

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    Sociology is the study of society, relationships, and culture.

    Anthropology is the study of human beings.

    So, in my opinion, sociology looks at a person's interactions with other people, and anthropology looks at the person as an individual.

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    though there is no great difference between anthropology and sociology,we can simply say that sociology concentrate mostly with social organization while anthropology deals with culture.

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    Anthropology is a comparative science that examines human biological and cultural diversity.

    Sociology is a scientific study of human social behavior

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    Simple. One's about the origin of man[Anthropology], one is about the social habits of man[Sociology].

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    anthropology is far to do with only origin of man

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    En français

    Ces deux sciences sociales ont comme l'objet d'estudes la societé.

    l'Anthropologie cherche-t-elle les formes et raisons de l'organisation de la parenté, des groupes ethniques, sa technologie, sa mythologie, sa ritualité, ses connaissences sur le monde, sur la santé.

    La Sociologie étudie les phenomènes de la vie quotidiènne des grupes sociaux des grandes villes, surtout ce qui concèrne à l'organisation des ouvriers, les syndicats, les paysans.

    Les formes d'organisation, résistence et ses luttes sont aussi objets d'interêt pour les siciologues

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