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? asked in 文學及人文學詩詞 · 1 decade ago

Book report of Harry Potter QUICK!!!

Book report of Harry Potter


Give me some more information. I need to do a 3 mins project

Update 2:

#3 give me more information.3 mins wow

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    Title:Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets


    This book is talking about Harry Pottter in the school in the second years.

    In the New year,magic school occur many strange happenings.The first is superintendent's cat,it had to make a stone for no reason! After that.students had to make a stone repeateally... Is it possible that the calamitys and the secret chamber's warning to do with?Hearsay「Destruction people who are not come from the magic family」terror event,whether if it is confidential proceed?For untie the answer to a riddle,Harry Potter fixed to find out the secret chamber.

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    Harry Potter is fiction.It is write by J.K Rowing.It is about Harry is at the Dursleys' for the summer. He becomes angry and frustrated that he doesn't hear anything about the activities of Lord Voldemort or of the wizarding world in general. After an argument with his aunt and uncle, Harry wanders around Little Whinging and spots his obnoxious cousin, Dudley. Dementors suddenly appear and attack, but Harry repels them with a Patronus Charm, although Dudley is severely affected by the encounter. When their neighbour, Mrs. Figg, arrives to help, Harry is astonished to learn she is actually a Squib, placed there by Professor Dumbledore to watch over him.

    I think this book is informative because I can learn many new words in this book.I like Harry Potter very much.

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    spelling mistick:第一行:J.K Rowling

    Source(s): 我harry potter看到大結局
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