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soaked hot spring

soaked hot spring


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    泡溫泉 = take a hot spring 動詞用take比較恰當!

    Source(s): 國中英文講過
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    It's OK to say that.

    Beware of the verb, you can say that, " My babe came to see me, while I was soaking in the hot spring."

    " A lawmaker had finished taking his hot spring, before the police came raid the heath center."

    2007-12-13 05:06:41 補充:

    學校課本一改再改, 還是換湯不換藥, 考試領導教學,

    為賺補習故, 師道放兩旁.

    我希望小學的英文要堅持禁止考試, 我沒能力, 也沒權利, 只希望大家能反映.

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    Take a shower or take a bath. 強調 '用'. Soak in hot spring or Soak in hot tub 有enjoy, relax 的涵義. 比較接近'泡溫泉'的原意. 特地問了老美. 覺得學校課本有再商議之處.

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    另外加一點 Take medicine是吃藥. Take Lunch 是吃中飯. "take" 還是強調 " 用". 如果沒有上下文, 用take還是會有誤會.

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    soaking in hot springs

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